Parents Comment

Tariq Zafar latiffi

F/O Aamina Tariq (KG-I)

In this era, when Muslim have lost their glory , only a few schools are trying t revive the Islamic ethos and by raising learned God fearing Muslims. Star Links  School is one of those few.

Mrs. Muahhamd Atique Khan

M/O Waqas Atique (IV-B) & Maria Atique (III-A)

Star  Links School Is like another home formy children. School Admin gives respect to my option. Teachers give their utmost attention to each and every student.

Mrs.Mansha Sajid Katiya

M/O Sudais Katiya (KG-II)

I am highly satisfied with the educational system and its Islamic environment provided to my  child. All the teachers are very hardworking. Ma’am Amina Murad has built up an excellent school for our new generation to lead a successful life in today’s society along with Islamic Tarbiyah.

Mrs. Adnan

M/O Moaz Adnan (VI-B) & Khizer Adnan (II-B)

“Star Links School” is a perfect school for children where they acquire Knowledge of both Deen and Dunya. They learn to be truthful , faithful and helpful. They learn to meet challenged boldly. Every child is given individual attention as a result all children will come out  to be bright  students and good humans.


Mrs. Farah Shakeel

M/O Sidra (III-A) & Zakaullah (V-B)

My children love Star Links. Infect I think  they are Madam Amina’s children. I am ever grateful to Allah that my children are in the best school.