Student Endorsement

Our students are our assets. We have a blend of Star Linkers coming in from varying mindset, adding their own colour to the big canvas we have; and finally merging and molding beautifully together.  Their love and the zealous energy acts as a fuel for us to carry on with our ambition to inspire the youth. Have a look at how they take pride in their institution and cherish their belonging with Star Links School, in their own candid words.

Your school is the institution you owe so much to, and I being a Star Linker owe even more.

I am among the last batch for the session 2018-19 and undoubtedly the past 7 years in this tremendous school were mesmerizing. Starting up from academics, ending up as a Protector. As compared to other well known schools STAR LINKS SCHOOL might be not that magnificent in it’s name but the environment it has so far provided I can confidently say others are still struggling with. As I look back today, my heart is gratified as for what my teachers have transformed me into; more confident, more competent and of course more humble. I feel honoured for being a part of Star Links School and will treasure it always in the years to come.

Tahoora Younus

Student, Star Links School

I had lived in Rahim Yar Khan throughout my childhood. When we moved to Karachi for good, my parents started searching for a compatible school for me, to continue my studies. A school with Islamic norms, a school with devoted teachers who’d not only teach the curriculum but also polish moral values, a school that will create opportunities for me to groom my hidden skills and overcome my weaknesses. With the blessing of Almighty, I got admission in Star Links- my dream school. And since then this institution has given me so much that I’ll fail to encompass. It has taught me the purpose of life as a practicing Muslim and equipped me with competencies essential for success in the emerging world. It offered me a platform to groom my confidence and become useful to the society. In few words, Star Links School doesn’t only unleash the talent of the genius but also works hard to encourage the slow and weaker ones to attain their dreams.

Javeria Hassan

Student, Star Links School