Why Star Links School?

Star Links School has its salient features, which outshines it in the line of other institutions. Lets have a glimpse of what we offer here:

Arabic Language

Arabic language is one of the most spoken language in the world. Moreover, to understand Holy Quran to its core, understanding the language it speaks, is inevitable. Keeping this in view, Star Links School has incorporated Arabic as a compulsory subject with Islamiyat in its curriculum. In a Cambridge system, such an opportunity is an exception. The syllabus for this has been compiled with the combined efforts of language experts here at Star Links School. Authentic Ahadith and Arabic books have been consulted for reference.

At the beginner level, students learn Arabic alphabets and basic vocabulary for daily use i.e. names of fruits, vegetables, animals etc. From grade I till grade III, pronouns are introduced and their use is reinforced in sentences via worksheets. Translation from Arabic to English is also practiced and extended vocabulary is provided as the level increases. Eventually, upon reaching grade IV, a strong base for Arabic language is already developed. It is then further polished in the following grades. From grade IV till VIII, students are trained to use affirmative and interrogative sentences. They’re also familiarized with prepositions and verbs usage. This finally makes students enable to compose a paragraph on their OWN, in Arabic language.